About Jarsync

Jarsync is a Java implementation of the rsync algorithm, a cache-free delta compression algorithm for fast file transfer across a network. Its aim is to provide a high-quality free-software delta compression library for the Java platform, similar in spirit to librsync.

About this fork

This is a fork of the Jarsync project at http://jarsync.sourceforge.net.

This project provides a *rdiff* and *rsync* implementation in Java.

This fork makes the following modifications:

  • Maven build system
  • Junit4 and log4j instead of custom test harness
  • added dependency to jzlib and java-getopt instead of including them.
  • modification so it compiles under sun java, and removal of gnu classpath dependencies.
  • removal of ssh2 implementation, as it didn't compile.

    This fork aims to provide a rsync library for java programs.