About the Commander

The commander (or gui-console) is a text-based interface to Jake.

It is meant mainly for testing, demonstration of features and automation.

However, it supports all commands of Jake.

In the future, it is possible that it can be useful as a headless client for jake, mirroring and re-distributing changes to aid availability of files and connectivity between users.

  • Implementation Notes:

    The standard commander should suffice and be extended to support these functions. Automatically doing log-syncs on startup and login/logout, auto-pull, etc. are options that should be supported.

A modified version of the commander ("Archiver") could fetch all versions and keep them, e.g. allowing a delivery of the archive through the web.

  • Implementation Notes:

    A modified commander would be necessary: On every logsync, when changes come in, the log should be written as a html file. The hash then links to a directory, where all files are stored under their hash name. Incoming changes and changes whose file is not in that directory are downloaded from the client and stored.